I have always been an ice cream lover and naturally I am keen to find the next best thing. Growing up in Harare,  I remember the delicious “Scoop”  ice-cream from the popular Avondale shopping centre. Scoop was one of those places that was a little girls’ heaven quite literally from the cupid and angelic artwork the famous spot had on its ceiling to its heavenly inspired ice cream and frozen yoghurt. While I am not so little anymore, I still love a good sweet treat. Earlier this year, a good friend Coco had mentioned this Gelato place, “Tutti Gelati” on Cork road , I just had to check out.  Kwamambo or simply 40 Cork Road is quite the popular spot especially during lunch time so for regulars the famous gelato is a special treat. Coco is one of those people who knows where the hottest cafes and eateries around Harare are.  As summer  kicked off in 2013 during our  November return to Zimbabwe, Coco took me to the new ice-cream spot! Although  the visit was quick I kept it traditional with a good rich chocolate flavoured ice-cream. .. and boy was it GOOOOOOD! It was every bit of delicious  indulgence.  Definitely  one of the best I have tasted in Harare.



It had been a while since I last visited “ Tutti Gelati”  but when my friend Rudo was here for her vacation from New York. We decided to have a sugar treat and  40 Cork Road was undeniably a must go. We visited the gelato spot regardless of the rather cold weather on the Saturday afternoon. Visiting the spot with Rudo was definitely a new adventure and exciting to take in the beautiful and funky artwork the hangs up the walls. The bright orange and blue colours brighten up the spot and add a very artsy, funky and retro vibe to the spot. The wide variety of ice cream flavours makes it hard to choose just a few and as a result Rudo and I spent a few minutes debating what flavours we wanted to try. Our difficult sugar high decision making was further complicated by the unfortunate rule that you can only try one flavor. That was definitely a buzz kill and we think they should increase the number slightly. With so many choices one cannot simply taste one flavor. Maybe 3 or 4 seemed fair to us….

Decisions Decisons

We finally made our decision and decided on a coffee, chocolate , dulce and caramel flavours. The flavours just melt in your mouth and a burst of feel good hormones runs through your body. The ice cream is a worthwhile treat and took me back to my “Scoop” moments as a child. Tutti Gelati  at 40 cork road definitely comes close to the famous “Scoop” ice cream. The relaxing surroudings of Kwamambo make it a perfect escape spot and serene venue.  The thatched building and unique artwork are fresh and edgy. Surrounded by lush  greenery , a small water fall feature and wooden bridge –it definitely is a beautiful venue. We enjoyed our afternoon which was filled with laughter and good catching up. Also our sugar treat was worth every dollar. It even got a seal of approval from a New York native just saying!

Be sure to try the delicious ice cream at, Tutti Gelati on  40 Cork Road. $2 gets you a scoop of this luscious ice cream. Definitely worth the treat.