“Kicking it With Mimi” is an award-winning Zimbabwean and African lifestyle blog. Exploring fashion, entertainment, events, travel and lifestyle
trends in Zimbabwe and Africa. MiMi is currently one of Zimbabwe’s top lifestyle and fashion bloggers. 


Formed in 2011 while conducting media studies at The University of Cape Town, “Kicking it With Mimi” was started by Zimbabwean blogger, Ameera Murad Ameer simply known as MiMi. Discussing fashion, travel, entertainment and African trends, Kicking it With Mimi has established itself as a dynamic award-winning African/Zimbabwean blog.


As a Zimbabwean and African lifestyle and fashion blogger, I share my personal adventures and exciting lifestyle trends! Having received Zimbabwe Fashion Week Blogger of the Year 2015 and 2014, for two consecutive years voted and nominated by the public. In 2018 , I received the Zim Blog Awards ” Lifestyle Blogger of the Year ” award at the inaugural event.


This trendy lifestyle, travel and fashion blog has further increased coverage of African lifestyle. From Cape Town to Harare to Dar es Salaam, there is something for everyone. Featuring my favourite beauty brands, exclusive event access and holiday spots, I share my lifestyle and interests on my blog.


Occasionally, I partner with leading brands to give you nothing but the best and exclusives on lifestyle trends.  In 2017 , I was announced as a Legacy Lifestyle brand ambassador for Africa’s leading lifestyle reward programme. From hotspots, events, travel, fashion to food. Keep up to date with one of Africa and Zimbabwe’s top lifestyle and fashion blogger. Kick it with Mimi, for all your exclusive coverage and content on Zimbabwean and African lifestyle and fashion. Relax and Kick It!