It is not every day that you say goodbye to your corporate job in Africa’s business capital, Johannesburg to pursue your dream of fashion in Zimbabwe . That is exactly what Connie did about 2 years ago. The risk taker designer returned home to set up her long-term dream clothing line fusing her creativity and business skills. Her label, Coco Seed is becoming a household name in Zimbabwe with impressive 2016 plans on the agenda. Creative Director of Coco Seed, Connie hosted  her latest fashion showcase at the Borrowdale Country Club where her new collection set the tone for a New Year of fashion reckoning.

Borrowdale Country Club

Coco Seed’s summer fashion show was set at the lush gardens of Borrowdale Brooke surrounded by the green slopes and vegetation of the leafy northern suburb. The intimate event was attended by family,  friends and clients for the exclusive first look of her summer line.


Fungai’s Summer Collection

While the clouds took over the Harare skies ( as they do this time of year), the rain held off for the start of the show. 16 year old mentee of Coco Seed, Fungai opened up the runway with her youthful and trendy collection. The 16 year-old Arundel student is one of the  few young designers  to take a step into the Zimbabwean fashion industry. While Fungai may be young,  her taste and eye for trends and prints were certainly on the nail. Her summer  collection, simply named “Eden” was a fusion of earthy garden colours and patterns. The  colourful collection definitely had trendy pieces for the youthful fashionista making use of bold prints.


Post-runway smiles, 16 year old Arundel student Fungai 

While the rains held off for Fungai’s showcase, the clouds gave in and light drizzles were experienced at the start of Coco Seed’ showcase. However, in true fashion spirit…THE SHOW WENT ON. Guests made use of umbrellas and the garden  runway lightened up with fresh fabrics and styles. From the first looks , it was evident that bubble dresses were a common theme of Connie’s new looks or as her mother call them “ Umbrella Dresses” perfect for the season I would say. She also included several skirt and top looks appropriate for both the corporate woman or for a classy evening out .  Her looks were timeless, with some edge!


Coco Seed’s Bubble dress or affectionately named “Umbrella Dresses”

Coco Seed’s use of unconventional textiles and patterns is what made her garments stand out. Not using  the over used African print or typical summer colours. Her collection was certainly inspired  by uncommon fabrics that  fused elegant and boldness with an impressive finish.  Connie adds,  while her collection was of a high quality her prices are affordable which is especially important in this economic climate.


My personal favourite look by Coco Seed making use of unconventional patterns

Connie, shared exclusively with me that in the New Year, the brand will launch their new website where users will be able to purchase her latest looks. In addition to online shopping, purchases will be delivered both locally and abroad. While, Harare customers are welcome to reserve online and collect their ordered styles in store, at No. 4 Lanark Drive, Belgravia, Harare. Also in 2016, the brand will be releasing new looks every Friday for new themes and styles with limited stocks.  Connie’s experience in business is evident in her marketing and strategy of the brand. Business management is so easily overlooked in the fashion industry which is undeniably key to sustaining local labels. So far, Coco Seed’s model for business appears to be promising and what more or less can one expect from a woman with experience in the corporate world. Be sure to be watching this space very closely where 2016 is looking to be the year of reckoning.


Connie, Creative Director mingling with guests.

I certainly can’t wait for the site to launch and for convenient shopping supporting local at our finger tips. Thank you to both Connie and Fungai for a refreshing afternoon of African Fashion!

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