So it’s back to sunshine city, where I was met with an unbeatable force of heat…sunshine city is blazing and it’s on fire!!The weather didn’t mince its words and it is clear summer is here to stay…33 degrees and a girl doesn’t quite know how to cope…but Wednesday proved to be a pleasant surprise with my first official outing in Harare…HIPHOPHOPE proved to be the perfect event to celebrate being home and what more can a girl ask other than some good Zimbabwean outdoor concert with some of Zims most creative musician …alliance francaise’s beautiful garden provided the perfect venue with its grand trees  which humbly extended its leaves over the stage  …sipping on some wine at niche(which has the potential to be a popular spot for a quick drink and meal whilst bustling around the city)  ..The Zimbabwean sun settled down its rays as it set…nightfall allowed the air to cool down just enough for the beat to temporarily  take over …comrade fatso took to stage and opened the night with some great songs..he was also joined by synik.although i would i have loved one or two of the popular songs like Korokoza and Mastreets (Personal Favourites)…but for me it was the monkey nuts that had me going nuts…it was my first time to hear them live although they are known in the various music circles..I was thoroughly impressed by their lead singers/mc rap skills…probably the best I’ve heard so far in Harare…to see talent so raw…so unique and really skilful  was amazing…his freestyle skills were on point and was definitely a highlight of the night for me..Hope Masike also took to stage with her unique blend of the mbira to music…she also added a fun twist to the night…i appreciated her edgy addition of 80’s inspired  shades which members of her  band also sported …it was  a  nice mid week  escape..and with summer was a fun way to enjoy outdoor nightlife before the rains  come…and it also  left me as a newly self confessed monkey nuts groupie…be sure to catch them at one of the biggest new  years eve parties in zim , the Victoria  Falls Carnival..Check out their facebook page….peace and love peeps!!