The recent refurbishments and rebranding of the Hyatt Regency “The Meikles” have introduced a fresh, international experience to Harare’s hospitality scene. This transformation aligns seamlessly with the global standards of the Hyatt brand, much like my previous experience at the Hyatt Kilimanjaro in Dar es Salaam. The consistent quality across the brand is commendable, and the team at Hyatt Regency “The Meikles” in Harare has done an outstanding job. I was recently invited to sample their new brunch offering, and below are some key highlights of my afternoon at the Hyatt.

Things We Loved

1. The New Look and Feel The modern aesthetics and stunning finishes are absolutely breathtaking. The attention to detail is evident throughout the property.

2. The Pool Area and Stunning Kitchen Restaurant A refreshing oasis, the pool area is complemented by cozy cabanas and the kitchen restaurant’s high-rise glass walls, creating a unique and serene ambiance. The beautiful lighting has made the space brighter, more welcoming, modern, and stylish.

3. Sunday Brunch Entertainment and Exclusive Events The World of Hyatt also includes innovation, and the team plans to offer new experiences like Sunday Brunch and other exciting offerings. For the Sunday brunch, guests were treated to beautiful saxophone music upon arrival, adding a delightful touch to the experience. We look forward to more such events and, in summer, perhaps a spring sunset experience. Hints are welcome, Team!

4. Excellent Customer Service The staff’s warm smiles and exceptional service truly stood out, providing a genuine 5-star experience. The buffet team was particularly impressive, explaining the diverse and exciting menu offerings with enthusiasm.

5. Culinary Delights and Fresh Ingredients I love my food and was happy with the quality. The menu features exciting ingredients and new dishes, including pistachios, couscous, and tangines, which are sure to thrill your taste buds. As a cappuccino lover, I was delighted by their perfect blend. The chefs should keep pushing the boundaries and compete with local cafes in the northern suburbs.

Areas for Improvement

While the overall experience was outstanding, there are a few minor areas for improvement:

1. Pricing As expected with a luxurious brand, prices are on the higher side. The brunch costs $70 with alcohol and $50 without, which might be steep for some. However, the à la carte menu offers more pricing flexibility. I am sure the team will look at how to maintain exclusivity while understanding the local pricing range.

2. Billing Process The billing process took longer than expected. This is understandable as the team is still settling in, but it is an area that could be streamlined.

3. Brunch Timing Brunch typically starts around 10:30-11:00 AM, but on this occasion, it began post-noon, making it feel more like lunch. As one of the first brunch guests, the kitchen would still be refining their schedule.

The Hyatt Regency “The Meikles” is a fantastic addition to Harare’s hospitality landscape, bringing a touch of international luxury to the city. It’s a significant win for Zimbabwe, and I am excited to support Hyatt as they continue to establish themselves opulently in Harare. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday experience! See you soon.