Ilala Hotel, for over 30 years has been considered a  Victoria Falls must stop known for its beautiful  gardens and central location. The iconic hotel is closest in proximity to the mighty Victoria Falls. During my previous trips to the falls, I had only experienced meals and afternoon visits at the renowned hotel but had not done an overnight stay. I was excited to finally experience the Ilala Hospitality..

Overall Experience & Things To Note

Upon  arrival you are welcomed by the friendly hotel staff, if you are a traveller that loves history then this is the hotel for you . The walls of the hotels are filled with unique collectables and historical memorabilia. For the more cosmopolitan traveller this might be a little dated – it really just depends on your taste. You immediately feel the rich history and warm ambiance.

The Deluxe rooms are impressive and pretty huge! What was extremely impressive was the balcony view and sound of the Victoria Falls in the nearby distance. This is completely magical and a unique selling point of the property. I also loved that they had an impressive mini bar and Nespresso machine in the rooms.

Pool time at Ilala is simply magical, from the tempting blue waters, cozy lounge area and magnificent view – this was one of my favourite ways to unwind at the hotel. The pool has also been renovated and revamped and truly stands out. As with any hotel over 10 years old , there is always a need to re-invest and upgrade.

Video Hotel Highlights

During my stay, I noticed a lot of families on holidays and it is definitely the hotel for families on holiday. From the pool area, the large rooms and impressive garden it makes sense why this is the hotel of choice. The garden is also frequented by local wildlife, which is a true treat.

A central location means you are walking distance from everything, the Falls, local restaurants and shops. For the tourist wanting adventure and accessibility– Ilala Hotel is the perfect stop. The only downside is you are right in the activity so everything from lunchtime marimbas to late night town entertainment is heard.

Mealtime is a food experience and the menu is exciting, the chefs definitely will make your taste buds happy. From hearty soup, wholesome breakfast to classics- the food was pretty delicious.

Ilala is a Victoria Falls gem and for the traveller with an appreciation for history, charm, stunning views and sounds of the nearby Victoria Falls. I look forward to how the hotel will re-invent itself and maintain its iconic presence in the newly announced Victoria Falls City.