With only 2 nights in Vumba at a private cottage it meant limited time for us to explore and recuperate. Bvumba/Vumba is  home to one of Zimbabwe’s  prestigious hotel, Leopard Rock known for its prime spot in the Vumba Mountains, the fertile golf course and iconic pink castle-inspired Hotel. During Easter, we visited the popular hotel for afternoon tea. While Easter Sunday featured some light  rainfall  and mist,  it was the perfect excuse for warm beverages and  delicious treats.The drive to the hotel is gorgeous and  filled with breath-taking 360  views . The green laws spread for several acres and is ideal for the golf enthusiasts. Leopard  Rock  is majestic with all its grandeur  positioned high in the Vumba Mountains.


 The iconic pink castle like,  Leopard Rock Hotel in the Vumba Mountains

The Terrace has the best view of the surrounding mountains. We made ourselves comfortable and ordered warm beverages to sip on; scones and brownies.Much to our surprise, the treats failed to live to up to the hotel’s repute.  The scones were not the most exciting nor were the brownies  which tasted more like a sponge cake than your traditional brownie. For its beautiful location, the afternoon treats were not up to par. They certainly could have made their baked goods more scrumptious and luxurious to go with the decor. The treats lacked the  burst of flavour unfortunately and  proved to be bland.

After tea, we took a brief tour of the hotel. There  evidently  is a rich history particularly with the English royal family as some popular images of the Queen’s visit grace the walls. The chandelier in the reception area adds splendour to the hotel contributing to its luxurious feel. Upon closer supervision of the reception area,  it is also evident the hotel needs some sprucing up and renovations. As we made a quick stop in the “casino” which only had 3-4 slot machines working we also noticed a few outdated furniture and property that did not quite fit in with the  vintage look and feel..it simply looked old and dated. Something that is becoming a common issue with Zimbabwean resorts.


Breath-taking views from Leopard Rock’s Terrace.

The hotel is rumoured to be under new ownership, I would strongly suggest the new owners revamp this beautiful Zimbabwean treasure. The key to unlocking this iconic hotel is firstly ensuring the hotel’s rich history is maintained as well as the facilities quality. Adding to that, the menu and baked goods certainly need an update. I quite miss South African cuisine primarily because South Africa certainly is way  advanced in the hospitality, leisure, service and food industry. The food could certainly be creative in presentation , more  flavourful…as a guest I am looking for taste bud stimulation, indulgence and satisfactiion. The beautiful gardens, prime location and history make Leopard Rock a key tourism destination in Vumba.



The grande chandelier in  foyer of Leopard Rock’s entrance.

I would certainly return especially after a revamp and spruce up. Hopefully the next trip will not just be tea but an overnight stay. For golf lovers, this spot is ideal for the game and relaxation. It is also fantastic  location for those who need to be connected while recuperating as all telecommunications networks function and the hotel has free Wi-Fi which in my books is a double tick. Wi-Fi is a must and they got that right.  I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this resort .Leopard Rock has a great wealth yet to be unlocked.