So summer is officially here!!The purple Jacarandas have flowered, reigned and dissappeared. A Zimbabwean summer means lots of heat but also lots of rain. So we can expect some thunderstorms but also those sizzling summer days. Here are my top 5 musts for the season.


1. Kaftans and African Fabrics- Nothing screams summer like colourful kaftans. I love African and Indian kaftans for this season. Free flowing garments are not only comfortable but sophisticated and are rich in culture. Kaftans are not just for the girls but men can get in the action too. There is nothing more sexy than a man swagging it up in a male designed kaftans. Ghanaian, Elikem Kuromidze does this well. Kimono Kollection has some divine buys. So invest in kaftans!



2. A SUMMER PLAYLIST- music, music, music where do I begin. I absolutely love music and nothing says summer more than a good playlist. House music is definitely a must for all those lounge chills and poolside features. Dj Qness’s album, “On Cue” is one of my favourite house albums, Euphonik is always good, and finally some underground progressive and deep house. Locally, the friendly Reverb 7 is a must for those house tracks. I also love some hip hop and soul music, so there will be great variety on the list.

3. The perfect Sunglasses- What is summer without some HOT  eyewear. That summer feeling is only truly experienced when you have your shades on and you are taking in the summer ambiance. Please note shades are only for the outdoors unless you Karl Largefield. Understand the shape of your head and find the perfect  fit for you. Aviators, Ray Bans, Dior and Guess shades are always trendy. However, budget can’t always allow for high end brands, so settling for some good cheaper unknown brands will do.

4. Good movies and a Power Plan- Thunderstorms are going to happen and sometimes days on end. The Zimbabwean summer unlike the Cape summer is filled with thunderstorms. So, there will be days when you will be stuck indoors. Make sure you have some good movies to keep you busy. With our heavy storms, there is a great possibility that you will lose some power. ZESA may or may not fix the faults be prepared for no power.

5. GOOD COMPANY- last but not least…Company is what takes an OKAY summer to a GREAT summer. I’m all about having a good group of family and friends around you. As the festive season approaches and the events calendar fills up. Be sure to make the most of the season with good company. Keep the circle small and fun.  December 2013 i spent the New Year in  Zambia with some amazing friends and many stories to share..from skinny dipping..i mean swimming with malaria bearing mosquitos to hitch hiking.Whether you are travelling or staying home, COMPANY is what makes a difference