So here in Africa…its JUNE…which means winter is HERE!! Now I have mixed feelings about winter… the nights here in Harare do get a little too cold for my liking which leaves me craving some summer love. Also some of my great summer looks have to retire and going out at night is such a pain with all those layers. However it is time to embrace winter and some of the great looks for this season

So I am one of those people that love to mix it up for winter with l soft and edgy looks! Some of my favourite colours are definitely black and white outfits… These are standard winter colours… They are safe and strong. However I love my creams, peaches, nudes and brown. They are soft and earthy colours which are always a nice touch.  A few touches of a these soft earthy colours with the traditional darker colours is very chic. I absolutely love to wear my peach coat with my black tights and black top together with my nude heels. Don’t forget your light blues and soft greens they always add an elegant feel

Also bright colours can be a fun way to make an outfit pop especially against darker and duller colours. So adding a red scarf or red bag to a black  or dark outfit. A little bit of colour can definitely make those gloomy winter days more fun. Some winter must haves is a leather jacket, ankle boots, a great scarf, head gear and a nude coat.

Also remembering that African winters do have extreme changes especially here in Zimbabwe so layering is extremely important and taking note of how long and what time you plan on rocking an outfit for. God forbid you wear a heavy knitted scarf at 1pm on a sunny moderate winters day in Zimbabwe…youll  suffocate.So here is to some fab and chic winter looks..As far as budget can go