Nompumelelo’s  kicked off winter with a bang with her final year exhibition and fashion show. As a young designer, Noe Es has been one of my favourite up and coming designers. Her ZFW 2014 collection brought boldness and swimwear  to the Zimbabwean runway.The young designer’s 4th year exhibition show was hosted at the Roof Top at Crowne Plaza. The event was attended by local fashion designers, stylists, models and industry movers and shakers. Noe Es undeniably brought warmth to winter with her summer-inspired collection.The collection simple titled “Holiday” included 2 collection featuring  swimwear and summer dresses.  With the runway increasing in temperature, the night was certainly well attended with all the rows fully occupied.It was an absolute honour to be part of Noe Es special night as a guest of honour . The young designer opened up about her collection and  future plans


Q:What was your inspiration behind this collection?

A: Swimwear is relatively new to the Zim runway and is something I enjoy creating. I know of only one swimsuit designer in Zimbabwe, Joan Burger. This inspired me to create something fresh for my final year exhibition.  I wanted to create and market a holiday collection for Zimbabwean women who like going on holiday to beach destinations internationally while locally  like to enjoy summer and pool parties.

Q:Tell us more about your runway set up and collection ?

A:The runway was set up to create a holiday feel with the palms, garde, poolside chairs, rocks, stones and sea shells. The runway aimed to bring a little piece of the beach to the city. While for my collection, the  swimsuits were in three categories the jungle inspired,explorative neons and finally  the toned down browns with a hint of blue and white contrasts. As for the maxi dresses, I used white as a base because I wanted the ‘clean n crisp’ feel to it. The feedback has been great from fashion commentators however I’ve had critics point out that I did a summer collection in winter. However, critics should note my exam was not limited by seasons.

  Fashion Show Guests

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Plans for the future is to do my masters in textiles and I hope to contribute to reviving the Zimbabwean textile industry . Adding on, I would like to personalise textiles for specific clientele and local designers/manufacturers instead of them importing. I’ve started a  fashion and art design home schooling which I hope to expand . Eventually I would want to  register an exclusive Zimbabwean fashion school. I’m also working on selling some of my fashion pieces online.

Q: Who are your favourite designers both
locally and internationally that we should pay attention to?

A:My local favourite designers are my personal friends Tapfumanei Munenge, Nkululeko Ncube and Tinashe Adby Phiri  internationally I’m drawn to Ellie Saab, Zuhar Murad and Stephanne Rolland