The musician and legend, Oliver Mtukudzi launched his new leather shoe range, “Hai-kobo” in partnership with Barbous in March at their Harare department store in March 2015. The new high-end shoe range is exclusively sold at Barbous stores nationwide. Tuku is known for his famous moves and with his new footwear line; his feet are looking a little more stylish.


Tuku and his wife, Daisy at his show launch

The launch event was attended by local media, fashion lovers, loyal customers and fans at Barbous in Harare. The high end shoes are certainly top quality and are made of calf leather which is apparently one of the highest grades. The shoes range from $40-140 which is not too bad for shoes locally produced and designed by the legend himself.The shoes that are part of the range include a variety of men’s footwear ranging from loafers, sandals, formal shoes and all made of Zimbabwe.

As soon as Tuku walks into a room, one cannot help but be drawn to his presence and superstar status. Tuku commands the room’s attention and certainly brings an aura of excitement. Accompanied by his wife Daisy, the two received a grand welcome from those in attendance. Immediately one noticed his brown trendy shoes part of his new footwear line. As speeches and welcoming were made. It was Tuku’s words that everyone was eagerly awaiting.

As he took the stage, the crowd listened on as Tuku explained the long process behind the shoes. While my Shona is still quite weak (utterly embarrassing to be honest, I think my Shona at 12 was stronger than my current abilities at 23). However, I did manage to pick on his hilarious jokes about how concerned he was about the designs. He didn’t want the shoes to pointy or not shaped right which meant the designing process took years and months which resulted in him consulting with his wife, Daisy. Oliver finally came up with a range that he was proud to endorse which is now available in Barbous stores nationwide. I was glad to hear the time and dedication he spent on creating a range that not only did he like but would wear and is wearing. The development process took 5 years!



Tuku, exclusively shared with the Teapot Zimbabwe and me that, “he loves the shoes and that they are perfect for dancing. Plus they are PRODUCED LOCALLY”. There was no surprise to which shoe is his favourite as he wore his special brown shoes to the launch which he glided very stylishly in. I suppose it’s only right one of our superstar’s has his own shoe range which is not only of a high quality but is locally produced too.  Tuku and Pokello are just 2 local celebrities that have designed their own shoe range.The superstar, Tuku is also set to expand into a female shoe range as his current range is only for males. I certainly cannot wait for a female rage proudly endorsed by the legend. We will be watching this space….Hai-kobo