Top 7 Mimi Musts en route to Vumba


1.       A car playlist.

2.       A slow drive through Rusape

3.       Christmas Pass stop and Selfies

4.        Prince of Wale site view

5.       History talk with the Tourism Police

6.        Tony’s Coffee Shop  Indulgence

7.       Take in the panoramic lush views


Easter seems like forever ago and having been  busy means I have only had this time to recuperate and reminisce about April and my retreat weekend away in the relaxing and lush Bvumba/Vumba mountains.  Growing up, we ventured a lot to Nyanga but not so much Vumba in the Eastern Highlands area. So I was pleasantly surprised when my sister invited friends and myself for 2 tranquil nights away in the Vumba Mountains for some R& R. Harare life tends to get a little crazy and travelling this beautiful country is the best way to relax and get back in sync. For us, it was a girl’s weekend away with friends in the beautiful  Vumba mountains.


Christmas Pass View

Road tripping with your girls is always eventful, we were prepared with our playlists to cater for all our ears. Playlists always make a difference and they are a constant on my holidays whether  travelling by road or air. Music in hand and whole lot of energy, the drive to Vumba is picturesque. From the charming town of Rusape to the slopes of Mutare. The drive was nothing short of breath-taking.  One of my favourite highlights of the trip was the majestic Christmas Pass ( apparently named during colonial Zimbabwe), the famous highway that leads to Mutare from Harare is  known for its gorgeous but dangerous curves. For year’s I had heard about the famous road that overlooks Mutare from a birds view surrounded by the rich green vegetation known to the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. The curvy road gives you the best view of Zimbabwe’s  fourth largest city.  Christmas Pass reminds me of the famous Chapman’s Peak in the Western Cape in South Africa. Both roads deserve a sleek car, a sunny song and some designer shades…. Take a minute to picture that.


Selfies at  Rusaper Christmas Pass

Another iconic stop en route to Vumba, is the Prince of Wales . View just a few kms out of Mutare  (10 mins drive ) on the way to Vumba. The name pretty much is self explanatory. As a former British colony, Zimbabwe has a rich and strange history with the English Monarchy. Colonialism and England certainly have a strong influence on our tourism industry Either way the Royal family have left a trail of stories and history in this country.  The Prince of Wales view point was named after the Queen’s Royal Tour of South Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe). The stunning view over looks both Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The panoramic view is filled with green rich vegetation and mountains.  It is unbelievably tranquil and for a city girl like me it is almost an out of world experience. The crisp rich air, the beauty, the unique features of the Eastern highlands. It is simply a must-see. The famous viewing point around 2011 became unsafe resulting in tourists being attacked by robbers. The area is now safe and there are tourism police now present. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with the Tourism Police on duty whose name has escaped me. There is something unexplainable about the Zimbabweans politeness and helpfulness. It is also refreshing to find someone so content with their job and well informed. She explained the history of the viewing point  and the impact of the Royal family’s visit on the area. She even went into facts about the neighbouring Mozambique. She was such a joy. Well done to the Zimbabwean Tourism Authorities for ensuring the safety of tourists  and for the fantastic individuals who ensure our safety on holidays.


Family poses for photos at The Prince of Wales Viewpoint

The curvy road to Vumba is magical surrounded only by mountains, towering trees and  grass. The area is also known for its ideal environment for coffee cultivation, flowing streams, proteas , birds and tree orchards. The cell phone reception (un)fortunately is limited. So this place is certainly the place for those wanting to get away. With limited cell phone reach,  all you have is your surroundings and each other for some entertainment. This was definitely an adjustment for some us, the cellphone generation had to adapt…no Instagram , no whatsapp definitely meant some time for relaxation. Before we finally arrived at our home for the weekend. We had to make a quick afternoon stop at the famous, Tony’s Coffee Shop… (to be continued)