It not everyday that you get to attend a  magical wedding more importantly a wedding in the Zimbabwean outback. Steph and Patrick’s special day took place at chengeta Lodge an hour outside Harare. Everything about this wedding oozed elegance and sophistication. The incredible attention to detail.The fantastic décor, the service and more importantly the love. Steph wore a stunning gown from Italy and her bridesmaid  glided in silver grey creations which in my opinion were dresses that challenged traditional styles and were a good balance of modern and vintage elements.

The ceremony took place under a well aged and grande  fig tree. The two exchanged lovely vows and the day saw me tear up a couple of times. All those sentimental words and stunning setting was naturally going to make me tear up. The ceremony ended with the celebratory signing conducted by the Chengeta Primary School Choir. From there it was tea and  followed by the extraordinary reception where the décor was done by VIP hosting .

Chandeliers, flowers, napking rings, warm lightning and  a magical ambiance. The night was filled with great food and drink. It climaxed with some dancing and steps on the dancefloor. While I have left out soo many fab moments to the phenomenal day. It was undeniably a fantastic day in the southern African outback accompanied by the joining of 2 unions . Celebrating love and beauty. I loved that steph gave a speech and more importantly  how magical the day was. Wishing you all the best and lifelong happiness!