One of Harare’s premiere new spots launched in 2014 simply known as, The Venue Avondale.  This new exceptional location is redefining top quality service, events, conferencing and banqueting in Harare. The Teapot had a personal tour of the stunning and sophisticated spot.

Image: The Venue Website

The tour revealed the top notch technical and architectural designs behind the Venue.  The Venue was designed as a collaboration of both South African and Zimbabwean architects and designers.  From their elegant patio to their well detailed rooms.  Their facilities are quite a breath of fresh air. The main hosting room is complimented by their stand out bar and white finishes with unique metal chairs. The Venue is the definition of modern, crisp and clean designs  thanks to the crafty use of white throughout the building.  The balcony area is one of my favourite features of the Venue as it the glass walls, door and windows which during the day, fill the room with natural light. The balcony view also overlooks the surrounding Avondale areas.


Image: Glass walls and windows

I quite would have liked the balcony space to have been larger as I am a fan of open spaces and balconies that overlook the surrounding areas. This spot is perfect for Zimbabwean sundowners. I also quite like the patio of the Venue which immediately catches one’s eyes as you enter the Venue once again making use of white complimented by the wooden patio.

Then finally, The Venue also offers a unexpectent basement space known as The Underground which is a pleasant surprise and smart use of space. Transforming the white large space of the main room to a more intimate and cosy bar area. This location is known to be the home of Hidden Culture’s , “Skinny Republic “ events hosted on Friday at the Venue

The creative and  modern use of space is what brings life to this venue in such a chic and stylish manner. The furniture and attention to detail is undeniably inspired by contemporary architectural designs something fresh and new.  The transition of the Venue Avondale from day time to night time is quite remarkable and fascinating. The atmosphere and lighting brings a new energy to the Venue quite different from the day.

It is  evident that The Venue is quite versatile and can offer potential clients something different and unique tailored to your requirements. As I conducted my interview for the Teapot Zimbabwe with Ratidzayi Mabika, The Venue’s Conference and Sales co-ordinator, one key feature she highlighted was the ability for The Venue to offer services across the board from private parties, corporate launches to conferencing and even a wedding.

I was fortunate to tour their kitchen which is lead by a highly trained staff. The Venue is known for its food unfortunately I was unable to taste their food as they do not offer Halaal food or halaal friendly options. Something, I certainly wish more businesses in Harare did.  Regardless the food did look delicious and was well presented… the garnishing was impressive and mouth watering.

The Teapot Episode 4 profiles the Venue feature and has all the exclusive access to this modern and premier Venue tour. Be sure to have a look here on our channel.