1.     3 event brand offerings. Zimbabwe Fashion International is an umbrella company behind 3 Zimbabwean fashion events. Zimbabwe Fashion Week, Fashion’s Day Out and Zimbabwe Fashion Festival

2.    An international Zimbabwean fashion extravaganza.   ZFI will be going international and launching with a London Edition this year. We are curious to see how this all works out.

3.   New and Old Sponsors.    It appears there will be new sponsors. The subliminal inclusion of Dulux in the official animated video showcased at the January 28th Cocktail left a small hint of what is to come.

4. More Organisation.  We not only have more events to expect but more organisations. Talks and planning have already started. Each year more improvements are covered

5.       Surprises and a little Drama. Fashion isn’t fashion unless surprises pop up and even a little drama. The Zim fashion industry is full of mimic events, competitiveness and a whole of fierce. It will be interesting to see how local events organisers react and how the newly launched and branded ZFI will add to the industry at large.