Pure Africa continues to redefine luxurious, stylish and fun experiences in Victoria Falls. After my 2018 Victoria Falls experience aboard the Zambezi explorer, I was determined to try a new experience with Pure Africa and what more than A TRAM (especially for a Harare girl like myself). The Pure Africa Zambezi Tram is one of the most exciting ways to spend a sunny afternoon in the falls for a completely different experience especially for the traveller who appreciates the finer details. Floral dress on, comfy shoes on, blissful attitude – check and a whole lot of excitement as we headed to The Victoria Falls Train Station for what would be a memorable History Tour!

Video Highlights

The Train Station in Victoria Falls is filled with history and a central part of Victoria Falls Town. A pleasant welcoming of Pimms by the Pure Africa team is a fantastic way to start the day. Pimms, deliciously prepared Paninis and snacks add to the holiday ambiance and wonderful way to welcome guests. The history of the surroundings immediately transports you into a contemporary version of the town with a 19th /20th century feel. The tram itself has been stylishly refurbished but still maintains its vintage and classical feel.


After sipping some welcome drinks and snacks, it was time to head on the journey starting from town and riding through the surrounding areas including the nearby rainforest, which you might catch a drizzle of. The slow and relaxing tram ride is simply beautiful and a one of kind experience to share with friends or family. Taking in the surroundings of the Falls while sipping drinks, which were always filled to the brim. For us, in the hands of Mr. Banda our conductor and Jerry our guide come bar man who made sure we were entertained and informed on all developments and sightings.


The Zambezi Tram experience is filled with several surprises and so many magical moments. The Victoria Falls bridge with all its beauty and views is unbelievably majestic. For the first time visitor like myself, the slight swaying /shaking of the bridge was a little daunting initially however another traveller assured me that was completely normal- who knew? A little later another theatrical surprise would further explain why the bridge occasionally shakes /sway to accommodate the waterfall and hot temperatures.

The tram stop at the bridge also allows you to take in the brave enough tourists bungee jumping or zip lining. 3,2, 1 Bungee! Only for the brave adrenaline enthusiasts and yes that is not me! My bravery is more likely to feature when it comes to fashion and styling choices- not so much adrenalin activities or the faint hearted.

After the Victoria Falls bridge tour, another surprise awaits passengers at the Victoria Falls Bridge Visit Centre. A theatrical performance by a fantastic Zambian actor portraying the Head Engineer of the Victoria Falls bridge, Mr. George Imbault from France. The entertaining and informative performance is a brilliant and rare history lesson for tourists. Guests not only receive knowledge on the bridge but also on the history of the town. This is was a welcomed surprise but also a beautiful presentation of history.


Then, to end it all of after the informative theatrical performance – a FINAL surprise awaits guests under the Zambian savannah and bush! A beautiful set up prepared by the Pure African team consisting of treats including premium nuts and dried fruits and a variety of drinks. For the cocktail lover the gin options are definitely popular but for a whiskey drinker like myself – Jameson is definitely welcomed as my drink of choice. Sipping our refreshing drinks with the breath-taking view of the Victoria Falls Bridge and gorge. This view is magical, powerful and the most romantic setting to end the Tram experience.

After taking in our final views, it was time to head back into the Tram and return to Zimbabwe over the bridge taking in the amazing views of the gorge, surrounding rainforest and if you are lucky wildlife. What a unique and memorable experience. Definitely a favourite for me and a once in a lifetime experience in the town to one of the World’s Wonders! Thank you Pure Africa for another memorable experience in the falls! See you again soon

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