Zimbabwe Fashion week turns 6 in 2015 and the pioneer Zimbabwean event has surprised fashion loverS with a rebrand and expansion. The organisers have now expanded the ZFW brand to a larger entity under Zimbabwe Fashion International (ZFI). ZFI will not only be continuing putting together Zimbabwe Fashion Week but also several other events. Adding to ZFW, there will also a monthly fashion offering, “Fashion’s Day Out as well as an international offering set to take place in London, Zimbabwe Fashion Festival. January was a month full of new hints and expectation we can expect from the ZFI team.


The new year kicked off with exciting press coverage of ZFW going international with a Zim Fashion extravaganza in London. The pioneer event has also released highlight videos of the 2014 week. It appears the team behind the legendary event have pulled up their fashionable socks and sleeves.

A special cocktail was hosted at The Circle in Sam Levy’s on 28th Jan as ZFW organiser officially rebranded and launched new fashion company ZFI. The formal event kicked off with welcome cocktails kindly sponsored by Cointreau. The red carpet was set as the new branding of ZFI filled the room. Official organisers, diplomats, models and guests mingled and shared their optimism of the early start. It is undeniably applause worthy that talks around this year’s fashion week has already commenced but also that the organisers have restructured and expanded.

The Circle dazzled as ZFI played around with the setting; Cointreau did their famous cocktail set up and 2014 Young Designers collections were scattered around the venue in quirky and sophisticated positions. The night started with MC, Marshall giving a welcome speech followed by an interesting animated video. The animated video introduced audiences to a story of a “lost tribe”. A model lost and discovered in a city, as the video ends with a model strutting the runway. Evident “Dulux” text is seen on the screen. This subtle and surprising corporate feature. Makes us wonder what this means for ZFI and Zimbabwe Fashion Week. The subliminal Dulux features can only mean that there is something in the works. That was one of the things I asked Priscilla , founder of ZFI in our one on one interview to which she replied , “ That is still under wraps!”. I have a feeling that ZFI will bring some colourful offering for audiences. Dulux would be a stylish and creative addition to the fashion industry, it could not be more fitting.

The night was followed by Priscilla taking to the stage to introduce her team, some of which includes, Head of Marketing, Elina, Head of Pr, Tino, Head of Production, Kate, Head of Administration Sekai and Head of Operations, Marcus. Colin Ratisai continues to mentor and manage the “Young Designers” Competition. The night was followed by the certificate ceremony for 2014 Young Designers participants.  2014 participant smiled ecstatically was they were awarded their certificates.

2014 Young Designers receive their certificates

The night ended with some useful mingling and networking. The general sentiment in the venue was enthusiasm for 2015. Guests praised ZFI for expanding and beginning the event preparations much earlier this year. With ambassadors from Italy and France in attendance we certainly hope to see more international designers this year. We hope more sponsors come on board and help invest in local fashion which continues to dazzle.

Priscilla shared more on the rebrand and expansion with me. Be sure to have a listen here. The beauty shared her struggles with the local industry and the need to push the boundaries more each year with ZFI expanding.The brand is even looking to offer cuisine under the ZFI brand. It definitely looks like this year will be full of fierce and stylish events.